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    Australian Citizenship Practice Test

    1. Who makes and changes laws to benefit the nation?
  • The Australian Parliament
  • The Prime Minister
  • The High Court of Australia
  • 2. Who does not have a police force?
  • Australia
  • The tates and the Northern Territory
  • Towns
  • 3. What happened in Australia on 26 January 1788?
  • Gold was discovered in the colonies
  • European settlement started
  • Captain Arthur Phillip became the first governor of New South Wales
  • 4. Which of these statements about Australian freedoms is incorrect?
  • We are free to meet with people in public or private places for social or political discussion
  • We can criticise the government, peacefully protest against government decisions and campaign to change laws
  • We cannot have political discussion, criticise the government or protest against government decisions
  • 5. How is the Australian Government formed?
  • After an election, the leader of a political party with the majority of votes forms the Australian Government
  • After an election, the political party or coalition of parties with the least of members in the House of Representative forms the Australian Government
  • After an election, the political party or coalition of parties with the majority of members in the House of Representative forms the Australian Government
  • 6. Who do you pledge your loyalty to at the citizenship ceremoney?
  • Australian government
  • Prime Minister of Australia
  • Australia and its people
  • 7. Which of these is an example of equality in Australia?
  • Everyone follows the same religion
  • Men and women have the same rights
  • Everyone belongs to the same political party
  • 8. On the Australian National Flag, what does the Southern Cross represent?
  • A group of stars we see in the southern sky
  • Each of the Commonwealth countries
  • Each of the six states and one for the territories
  • 9. Who do Members of Parliament represent?
  • All Australians living in Victoria
  • Everyone who lives in Australia
  • Everyone who lives in his or her electoral district
  • 10. What is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900?
  • The legal document that allows the Governor-General to governing the new nation of Australia
  • The legal document that allows the Prime Minister to governing the new nation of Australia
  • The legal document that sets out the basic rules for the government of Australia
  • 11. Who people vote for in each electorate?
  • One person to represent them in the House of Representatives
  • The Premier, the leader of a state government
  • The Prime Minister, the leader of the Australia Government
  • 12. Which of these is the a role of the Governor-General?
  • Approves the appointment of state premiers
  • Signing of Bills passed by the Australian Parliament
  • Approves the appointment of the Head of State
  • 13. What does the Commonwealth Coat of Arms represent?
  • Australia's national unity
  • Australia's national army
  • Australia's federal states
  • 14. Australians do not believe in class distinctions in our society.
  • True
  • False
  • 15. Who is a Senator?
  • An elected representative of a state or territory in the Australian Parliament
  • Any person chosen by a government leader to be responsible for an area of government
  • An elected representative of the Australian people in the Australian Parliament
  • 16. Who chooses the ministers?
  • The Queen of Australia
  • The Governor-General
  • The Prime Minister
  • 17. What is the percentage in 2012 of Australians born overseas?
  • Over one quarter
  • More than half
  • Over one fifth
  • 18. How can people participate in Australian society?
  • Join neighbourhood and local communities
  • Join an art or cultural organisation
  • All the above
  • 19. Taxes support services that help make Australia the peaceful and prosperous country it is today.
  • True
  • False
  • 20. Which state has fine buildings built from the wealth created by the gold rush of the 1850s?
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • New South Wales


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