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Free United States English Citizenship Test

1. What is your martital status?
  • When were you married to your spouse?
  • Whom are you married to now?
  • Are you married, divorced, single, or widowed now?
  • 2. Tom works as a doctor at Mount Carmel Hospital. He has worked there for two years.
    What is the name of Tom's employer?

  • a hospital
  • a doctor
  • Mount Carmel Hospital
  • 3. Gary has prior experience teaching history.
  • Gary has taught history before
  • Gary has never taught history.
  • Gary likes teaching history.
  • 4. Scott is a member of the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Scott wants to join the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Scott belongs to the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Scott does not belong to the Parent Teacher Association.
  • 5. Jim failed to send in his taxes on time.
  • Jim sent in his taxes on time.
  • Jim did not send in his taxes on time.
  • Jim sent in his taxes two weeks early.
  • 6. Is that a federal government building?
  • Is that an important building?
  • Is that a state government building?
  • Is that a U.S. government building?
  • 7. Donna has one son and one daughter. Her spouse died last year.
    How many children does Donna have?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 8. Susan takes two trips each year. She visits her parents in Paris, France, for three weeks every summer. She also visits her brother in Mexico City, Mexico, for one week each December.
    How many trips outside the United States does Susan take each year?

  • one trip
  • two trips
  • three trips
  • 9. Did your spouse go with you outside the United States last summer?
  • Did your husmand (or wife) go with you last summer?
  • Did your children go with you last summer?
  • Did other people go with you last summer?
  • 10. Mary currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to that, she lived for three years in Miami, Florida.
    Where does Mary live now?

  • Philadelphia
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles

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